Downtown Kitchener Neighbourhood Association

Do you live in downtown Kitchener? If so, this place is for you!

As the core develops and more people start to call it home, there’s a growing opportunity to create a sense of belonging and community. 

We hope to do just that. 

The DTKNA is for anyone who calls downtown home – whether you’ve been downtown for a week, a year, or a decade. It’s yours to grow, shape, and influence.

Next Meeting: Wednesday June 8th 2022 @7pm – Gaukel Street Pedestrian Space See our Meetings and Events page for more information!

Project Ideas for 2022

Downtown Dog Density Map

We’re working towards gaining an understanding of how many dogs call downtown home. This work is being done in order to support the City of Kitchener Parks and Trails strategic plans.

Downtown Bystander Support

Have you ever wondered what to do if you witness harassment downtown? We’re working with community partners to develop training and resources to help residents navigate these situations.

Downtown Welcome Package

New to downtown? Get ready to feel at home from day one. We’re creating a welcome package for new residents that will introduce you to our favourite coffee shops, restaurants, grocery shops, and must visit places.


Do you have questions, ideas or want to meet more of your downtown neighbours?

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